Agates and Antlers
In the Field Self Collecting

Welcome to 'Of The Stones!'

This past year has been an exciting one. I've been on several trips across Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and California self-collecting and/or sourcing directly from the mines some very excellent lapidary material for my artwork.

A little about myself. I was exposed to rockhounding through my maternal grandparents and the passion was later reinforced when I moved to Arizona. I can remember the day when my grandmother showed me a blue pendant she had just completed. She had handcrafted the pendant and sterling silver setting from material my they had self-collected in the field. It was an eye catching piece of art.

Professionally, I obtained my lapidary training through the Mesa Art Center in Mesa, Arizona under instructor Robert Bortfeld. I continued under Bob expanding my lapidary training to also include the art of Stone Intarsia.